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Report All Absences


absence notification procedures
To report absences, all students, including 18-year-olds, must either have a note from a parent or have a parent call the Attendance Office at (408) 423-2405. Parents should notify the school each day that a student is absent.

Please provide the following information at (408) 423-2405:
1. State and spell student’s name (first and last)
2. Student Number
3. Date(s) of absence(s)
4. Reason for absence (illness, dentist appt., etc.)
5. Caller’s name and relation to student (parent, guardian, etc.)
6. Phone number where caller can be reached.

The Attendance Office recommends that parents send a note to school with the student on the day they return as well as a phone call.

Only the parent/legal guardian may excuse a student’s absence(s). Please inform us of any changes in parent/guardian arrangements. When parents leave town and are unable to make decisions regarding their student, they must contact the Attendance Office with a number at which they can be reached or leave the name/number of an adult responsible for the student’s attendance.

Parents/guardians have three (3) school days (72 hours) after the student returns to school to identify reason for any full day absences. Students with uncleared absences after 72 hours will be subject to disciplinary actions, such as detentions, Saturday School or home suspensions.


Contact Us

Attendance Hotline 


Linda Smith, Attendance Clerk - (408) 423-2411

Lisa Longoria, Clerical Assistant - (408) 423-2417