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English Department Mission Statement

The goal of the Wilcox High School English Department is to enable all students to cultivate, develop, and master the literacy and analytical tools they need to succeed in an ever changing world. We are committed to focusing on high expectations, individual academic success, and creating a community of respect, responsibility, and reading.

About Us

The Wilcox High School English Department is made up of a diverse group of academics and professionals driven by a passion for writing, literature, and learning. As a department we are proud of the high participation rate in our Honors and AP classes and the excellent pass rate we have in our AP Language and AP Literature courses. Both are well over the national average pass rates annually. Wilcox English Teachers watch with pride as Wilcox graduates go on to become passionate, productive, and principled global citizens. This will highlight many of the Wilcox English courses. Full descriptions of all courses may be found in the SCUSD High School Course Catalog.

Honors and AP Information

Application Information

When the application period is open, typically in the end of February to the middle to end of March, you can find application details under the Academics tab on the page for Honors and Advanced Placement.  Please don't hesitate to ask your teacher or your counselor as well. 

Offered Courses

  • Freshmen Options - Honors English 9
  • Sophomore Options - Honors English 10
  • Junior Options - Honors Brit Lit or Ap Lang
  • Senior Options - Honors Brit Lit or AP Lit