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Mathematics/Computer Science

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Mission Statement

Using the power of math to make sense of the modern world. The Wilcox High School Math Department consists of dedicated teachers with over 150 years of collective teaching experience. Many members of our staff have chosen to become teachers after having years of successful careers in a variety of industries including finance, chemistry, engineering, aeronautics, and computer science, many of our teachers hold advanced degrees in their fields, and all of our teachers are deeply committed to the success of our students.

Contact Us

Craig Hedlund - Dept. Chair
Karen Hardy
Chad Jenkins
Greg Kraintz
Jeff Muralt
Yvonne Park 
Joey Rebustes
Rhodora Rebustes
Rex Riley
Alla Sidorova


Geometry Readiness Summer Study Information

Use theses links/resources to get ready for geometry.

If you create an account, the Khan Academy website might ask for personal information

Be ready for success in Geometry! Your Geometry Readiness MDTP Score Report highlights areas where you might need to review before starting Geometry. Below are some websites where you can find help.

Our Department Policies

These common classroom policies are guidelines. Please refer to the syllabus for your individual teacher for a more comprehensive set.


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