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Physical Education

Mission Statement

We offer various activities throughout the school year for Wilcox students to identify and achieve a personal level of excellence in fitness. Physical education students will increase their aerobic capacity, develop muscular strength and endurance, set and evaluate fitness goals, develop leadership and team-building skills. They will also learn new and exciting fitness activities that they can use for a lifetime. All physical education classes are co-educational and offer weekly development of the muscular and cardiovascular systems centered around the California State Standards. 

“We Are Charger Strong” is printed on the Wilcox PE t-shirts as it embraces our school's Student Learner Outcomes and promotes the mindset of giving their best efforts. It also encourages the enhancement of a growth mindset that correlates the science behind the notion of strong body, strong mind. 

  • Character
  • Honor
  • Attitude
  • Respect
  • Greatness
  • Excellence
  • Responsibility  

Our Facilities

Wilcox is fortunate to have a variety of centers to facilitate the various PE classes. 

  • Fitness Center - A 2000 square foot fitness center is the ideal place where students can focus on functional fitness. Exercises that are introduced include the usage of TRX’s, kettlebells, fitness bands, rowing machines, battle ropes, plyometric boxes, sandbags, slam balls, medicine balls, dumbbells, sleds, and jump ropes. Barbells and weighted plates are used to incorporate powerlifting in lesson plans so that students can learn proper techniques for optimal muscular strength and endurance enhancement. 
  • Weight Room - This room holds 6 platforms, 15 plate loaded machines, assisted pull up machines, dumbbells, and barbells ranging from 5 to over 100 pounds. 
  • Gymnasiums - Two full-sized gymnasiums are used for a variety of activities and events. 
  • Dance & Wrestling Rooms - Both rooms include audio and visual equipment to enhance lesson planning. These rooms are ideal for aerobics, yoga, pilates, boxing, wrestling, tumbling and more. 
  • Outdoor Facilities - An all-purpose track, spacious blacktop area, basketball courts, and a swimming pool, as well as numerous softball and grass fields for many outdoor activities, are located on our campus. Starting in 2019, with completion scheduled for 2020, the football field along with the practice field will be undergoing renovations with the final product being updated fields with fully turfed all weather surfaces.

Injuries Limiting Participation

If your student experiences an injury that temporarily limits his/her physical ability, s/he may continue to earn PE credit through modified activity. Please have the doctor provide a note indicating what specific activities your child can do, OR have the doctor complete and sign this form. Your child should then give the form to the school nurse, who will review and inform the PE teacher. Note: PE Modification Forms for doctor’s signature are given and explained to PE students at the beginning of each quarter.

Physical Education Courses