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Laboratory Rules & Equipment

Laboratory Safety

In order to maintain a safe and productive learning environment, the following lab safety rules are strictly enforced in the Wilcox science classrooms.

Student should protect themselves at all times:

  • Wash your hands after working with chemicals.
  • Never taste or smell anything in the lab unless directed by the instructor.
  • Restrain long hair and loose clothing when working with fire.
  • When heating something in a test tube, be sure it is pointing away from you.
  • Wear aprons and goggles when directed by the instructor.
  • Report all accidents (including chemical spills) and injuries immediately to the instructor.

Student must maintain a clean and ordered lab:

  • Wipe up all spills immediately.
  • Return all lab equipment where instructed when your lab is done.
  • Be responsible and leave your lab area clean when the bell rings.
  • Before leaving the lab, be sure the gas and water are off.

Special care must be taken when working with chemicals (reagents):

  • Return reagent bottles to their proper place immediately after using them.
  • Never return any materials to a reagent bottle unless directed by the instructor.
  • Do not use greater quantities of reagents than called for in your experiment.
  • When you discard materials in the lab, discard them in the proper place:
    • Solids usually go in the waste buckets, not sinks.
    • Liquids usually go down the drain with plenty of water.

Hazardous chemicals have special disposal as directed by the instructor.

  • Always read bottle labels carefully.
  • Never put chemicals directly on the balance pan.

Permanent expulsion from the lab will result from unauthorized mixing of chemicals, removal of materials from the lab, or conduct of any type that could result in injury to someone. Deliberate misuse of equipment or carelessness will result in fines for any damage or breakage. Gum, food and drinks are not allowed in the science labs, except water bottles.

Lab Supplies and Equipment

The Science staff maintains this list of consumable supplies and shared equipment that are used in our various courses throughout the year. We gladly accept any donations to help support our lab activities. Supply donations can be dropped off at the Wilcox front office. Please specify that the materials are for the Science department. Thank you for your support!