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Visual and Performing Arts

Vis and Perf Arts

Visual and Performing Arts Department Mission Statement

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When the registration period is open, typically in February or March, you can register for Honors and Advanced Placement courses. If you are considering an Honors or Advanced Placement course for the upcoming year, we suggest that you speak with your current teacher, or the teacher that currently teaches the course you are interested in or your counselor.  

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Department Chair

Heather Morton

Department Members

Philip Aduan
Paula Estioko
Claire Robson
David Troup
To find contact information for our staff, please check our staff directory.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) department is to instill in our students and community a lifelong appreciation for the Arts that results in personal and professional artistic pursuits beyond high school graduation.  Through Arts education, students learn to develop visual and auditory perception, creative thinking and problem-solving skills, and an understanding of our diverse culture.

More About VAPA

The Wilcox Visual and Performing Arts department offers comprehensive programs in visual arts, music, and theater, each designed to align with the California Visual and Performing Arts standards. Our year-long courses fulfill the fine art graduation requirement of the district and are approved for entrance to the Cal State and UC systems. VAPA courses also fulfill elective requirements for high school graduation.

Each course is designed to expose students to a broad spectrum of skills, techniques, and concepts important to literacy in the Arts. Students planning to earn a VAPA college degree, or follow a VAPA career path, should take 2-3 years of high school coursework in the arts.