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Wilcox Business Experience

Wilcox Business Experience


The Wilcox Business Experience: DECA and Beyond! is a club at Wilcox dedicated to furthering student knowledge and abilities through experiential learning. We used to be called DECA, named after the biggest competition in which we participate, but decided in 2019-20 to rename ourselves WBE (Wilcox Business Experience) because we offer so much more than just DECA competitions. 

We compete in various business, finance, and entrepreneurial competitions throughout the school year. Awards for winning can include money, medals, and more. Not only do we compete, but we also engage in social activities that contribute to our local community. We understand that business, finance, and entrepreneurship benefit from a thriving community, so we seek to support and learn from our communities. Read more about our events on the Events page. 

Many competitions such as the Personal Financial Challenge and Diamond Challenge are open to anyone interested in business. These competitions are highly competitive, requiring a solid foundation in business, finance, or entrepreneurship. We highly recommend that students in the club either have a keen interest in business, be enrolled in a business class,  or participate after completing such a class. Competitive event training in WBE further develops their working knowledge of these topics at a competitive level. 

Participation in any state or international  DECA event requires DECA membership. There is no student fee to join. Since DECA is an international co-curricular Career Technical Student Organization, membership requirements have been set at the national level. Students are required to be actively enrolled in a Business class or must have completed a Business pathway. We are held to these requirements. Since DECA is co-curricular, students learn business content in courses that help prepare them to demonstrate their knowledge in DECA competitions. As with other competitions, time outside of class is often required to give them a competitive edge.

Club Advisor

Anthony Raffetto
(408) 423-2583
Career Technical Education (Business) DECA Advisor