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Grade Level Plans and 4-Year Planning

Graduation Requirements/Suggested Curriculum

The counselors are available throughout the school day to help with schedules, grades and credits earned. You are welcome to discuss these and any other items with your counselor by making an appointment with the counseling secretary. District procedures are in place to ensure Equal Education Opportunity for all students so that differing counseling materials for students are not used on the basis of sex, nor are students treated differently based on sex (SCUSD Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 5100).

Registration, orientation and program adjustments occur during the early stages of each high school year. At grades 9 and 10, the student’s educational career plans are reviewed in individual conferences or in small groups with counselors. In the junior year, students are prepared for college testing or learn about vocational opportunities and requirements. As seniors, students are individually counseled to update their graduation status.

Suggested Curriculum

Check College Power Score

 Students create a 4 year plan on Family connection to determine their power score. The results will show how likely a student can get into the following colleges with the classes that are selected while evaluating their transcripts and applying their grades to receive a Power Score.

  • Career / 2-Year College
  • 4-Year College
  • 4-Year Selective College
  • 4-Year Highly Selective College  

Check your college power score here

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Grade Level Plans